Friday, May 10, 2013

Buttercup, its not butter! Its a flower....

Not entirely sure if this qualifies as a kitchen tip but I really feel the need to post this article.

I have had friends hold this in their hand and exclaim "This is butter!".  It makes me really sad that shrewd marketing/packaging wins out yet again.... This brand of spread that has been on our supermarket shelves for a while now.

Buttercup does not indicate butter anywhere on the pack
I do not know if they (the brand owners) are doing this on purpose, but the packaging is really misleading and people are actually falling for it!

People, do NOT buy this brand if you need/want butter. Especially if you are baking and your recipe calls for butter. It will likely ruin your attempt.

You go home thinking that you got a good deal, buying butter at half price. Think again. More like half butter at full price.

The list of ingredients in Buttercup's luxury spread.

It lists palm oil as the first ingredient. Ingredients are typically arranged from the highest proportion to the lowest. I am of the opinion that its closer to being margarine than butter. If you are against processed foods, this is way more processed than genuine butter. Also, palm oil does not strike me as particularly luxurious either.

This is a typical ingredient list for butter. Doesn't get more straightforward than this.

Only cream and water

Cream and salt for the salted variety

The price of butter has gone up in recent years, so its a good idea to stock up ahead of festive seasons if you intend to do alot of baking, like cookies etc... Look out for special offers leading up to festive season. They keep quite well in the freezer for a few months. If you don't end up baking, just give the butter away. Their price has gone up, I'll take them if  your friends won't.

Personally, I will not buy Buttercup's (not so) luxurious spread even if I were looking for margarine, for reasons stated in this post.


I do need to go to the store for a loaf of bread now....


  1. I have known this product, buttercup for years....tastes good, better than those normal butter spread.... Only those who never heard of this flower will misunderstand it as a butter..... Very normal.... Hahaha....

  2. If the name Buttercup is butter, then virgin Air must be Virgin, red Bull must be bull's blood and bloody mary must be bloody....

  3. Thankkkkk youuuu! *muuahh* you saved my future brownies ( :

  4. Thank you so much for ur kindly information...all the while thought buttercup is clear...thank you friend

  5. Wow thanks for your information ! I actually baked cookies , using this butter and it turned out horrendous ��

  6. So glad that l decided to check and came across your blog. Certainly very grateful as l am against transfar and any other imitates! So itd back to SCS and Golden Churn for me.

  7. So glad that l decided to check and came across your blog. Certainly very grateful as l am against transfat and any other imitates! So itd back to SCS and Golden Churn for me.

  8. I bought it thinking it was butter at first but tasted strange. I did a quick search and found your blog. This verified my suspicion. Thanks for sharing the info.

  9. To Ricki, SCS and buttercup are from the same company, haha

  10. You need not have to run down Buttercup. Yes Buttercup is not exactly butter but it has no transfat. If you bake then this is not for you but it does tastes great like butter for a spread. IMO palm oil (plant) is still better than butter (animal fat) with regards to health benefits.

    1. The problem is the misleading packaging seemingly advertising itself as butter

  11. I enjoyed the information lot. Thanks for sharing this information. recipe for scones with milk and eggs

  12. Actually been using this for baking,the taste is ok,if you do buttercream it performs well,it is more stable,do 1/2 & 1/2, butter and buttercup instead of crisco.

  13. I just bought the two cows butter from tesco (malaysia) that tastes the same. Straight in the bin. Will have to stick to expensive Lurpack

  14. And in Singapore NTUC, the staff display them (buttercup) side by side with real butter bcos of their shape n size are same as butter.

  15. Dont have buttercup in bali,i usually use wisjman dutch prosesed butter or elle,the best so fat

  16. I started baking lately, and all my bakes turned out with soggy middles. Was starting to feel quite discouraged. my friend then went through every step with me and when she saw me using this butter, she was aghasted. Can't blame me! It was placed together with all the other butters in the supermarkets here!!!


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